Order your sweater. Starting December 1st. The estimated shipping is mid January.
Order your sweater. Starting December 1st. The estimated shipping is mid January.
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About us


In 2005, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer; my life soon began to change after her diagnoses so I focused on helping her as much as I can to achieve her full recovery. We both love fashion so I sought for a hobby that would connect her with her inner strength and hope. This desire quickly led to the idea of passing time by making handmade accessories. It was only a matter of time when our hobby turned into our first business, Tralala. This brand was created to show my mother’s strength and beauty through these accessories. Me and my mother were seeking for a way to augment women’s strength through fashion – soon I would be styling models, singers, TV stars, and politicians. Styling made me yearn for more as I grew more deeply passionate about fashion. So, I launched Maison Chazelle, my own authentic retail brand that embodied my elegant style, strong personality, and passion to highlight brave and thriving women.


Chaza is the designer’s name and “elle” is the French word for “her.” The combination of the two words, Chazelle means the desire to inspire and to make a difference in another women’s life through fashion. As a fashion designer with long wardrobe styling experience, I am aware of the difference that a unique top can do to a women’s closet. This inspired me to create, my brand “Maison Chazelle”   

Maison Chazelle’s tops look like an array of runway pieces with extravagant fabrics at a first glance. We use a 3-dimensional printing technique on comfortable polyester fabrics and we embellish the tops with handmade accessories and Swarovski stones to make them even more glamorous and unique. We want our customers to own quality tops that look classy, but are comfortable and practical to wear on an evening out or at work. Our tops are versatile - you can wear them casually with jeans or with skirt and heels. All our tops are handmade and printed in the USA.